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CRUSH Meaning in English with Full Tips

Today's topic is English meaning of crush. We will share their short and detailed description, you will be able to understand better in both ways. So let's know the Meaning of Crush in English.

CRUSH Meaning in English with Full Tips :

मीनिंग ऑफ़ क्रश इन English - 

  - Attachment.
  - Congregation.
  - Collision.
  - Pressure.
  - Grinding.
  - crowd.
  - Consolidation.
  - Crush.
  - Love.

By now you must have read the English meaning of crush in short form of noun. We have also tried to explain its detail form through this article. would you like to read it? If yes, then why delay friends. Let's go ahead and start reading quickly.

Means of Crush in English :

Know the meaning of all these in details -

This word means friction between two things, people or feelings. Chuki is one of the meanings of crush. It can be understood in such a way that there are two things and they are sliding on each other or colliding on each other. This meaning can be known especially for friction.

Attachment, we will know this word in such a way as if your power has become in the control of some other thing or people or you have become its accustomed and even if you want, you are not able to get rid of it. Attached means to get stuck in an object and run your life on its basis and feel difficult to cross it or keep finding happiness in it. Attachment defines attachment or attachment to any object on this earth which is very long lasting.

The use of this word for collision, crush actually refers to a collision between two objects, logos or feelings. But it also shows more power. means there is a potential for damage
It is seen to a large extent that a road accident can be considered a good example for the word collision. These many places create cracks between people in the family, even when they are in relationships.

Grinding, its direct meaning is to crush things. eg. We use electric mixer, in which some objects are crushed by rotating them to mix them well and together they are called grinding. It can be applicable everywhere.

Premshakti, understood from the point of view of love affair, then if we take an example like a boy or girl falls in love with another girl or boy and gets completely caught in his love that means his power.
By drowning completely in love, it manifests the love power or say that both agree to die in each other's love. Means they have power towards crush or love among themselves.

their effects -

If you see the friction in the things, then they can be completely destroyed by friction and they can also get damaged, similarly, if its effect is constant in the relationship, the distance will increase and even they can start moving towards the end, then so on. If they continue, then they are sure to end.

This type of friction continues to be seen in the society and family. It can happen in anyone's life too, but if its path is right, it is also good. Like two sides of a coin.

Attachment, meaning this word is like getting used to something or addiction, which is not able to give up even if you want to. Its results directly depend on how this habit is. Is this habit good or bad like - alcohol, smoking or indulging in addiction.

These habits completely grip the human and leave him only after making him attached. This Hewitt immediately compels one to attain the climax of happiness and repeat it over and over again. This situation creates attachment.

We cannot call it useless from all sides, if suppose it is moving in a good direction, then what is the matter because it will make you happy not immediately but after some time for a long time. It means a lot in both the ways in relation to society, family, each other and this result also depends on the way of doing it.

If a collision is seen from the point of view of a road accident, then its effect is very painful and it changes everything connected.

Grinding, its effect is not seen on the human race but on cable things.

- Expresses love-shakti to be completely infatuated with someone. It affects the human race. Its effect can be seen in both good and bad forms and it affects their methods, rules and regulations. 

use this - 

The word up friction is used as a connotation of crush and it specifically refers to the friction between two objects and in some ways is also important in relationships and human life.

- The word attachment refers to an object, person or any attachment that compels it, even if it does not want to. Its use has been mostly seen in this situation.

- Collision refers to a collision between two things, it is also used for an accident.

Grinding simply refers to the mixing of two or more materials together. Especially for this the use of this word has been told.

- The word Premashakti is used to refer to a love affair between two human beings, either male or female or any relation between them.

Hello friends, you must have known a lot by reading this post Crush Meaning in Hindi Hindi English Meaning of Crush. Some of the frequently asked questions must have been understood by What is the Meaning of Crush in English.

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