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Ago Means in English Details with All Examples

Friends, the topic of today's post will be the Hindi meaning of the next word, so friends, without delay, it is very important to read this article completely to know each and every aspect related to its effect, usage etc. with examples in detail. Now let's go ahead and start.

Ago Means in English Details with All Examples :

Meanings of ago in English -

  •  first
  •   East
  •   past
  •   Long time ago
By now, friends, each of the abbreviations mentioned above would have been known one by one in their short form. My only question to you is that after reading each of these short words, you have been cleared of all the things which are very important to use these words,

Friends, now there is nothing to worry because the only purpose of writing the information of this post in so much point to point and details is that when you read them, all these things will be saved in your mind like a story and which If you have to use the time, then you can use it easily. So later on start reading quickly.

Means of Ago in English Explain :

know all words with example -

First, we can understand it in such a way as to say that the old time or some event, action, thing, etc. have happened before. In other words, we can also see it under the past tense because it refers to those things which have passed in the past with the interval of some past time.

If seen, time goes on continuously in this life, with this time all the good and bad events go on, which with time comes towards us from the future and then collides with us in the present and goes to the past. All this work has been going on continuously for many years and will continue even further. If you go to other words, then those tasks get done before time.

East, we also know this word from the direction, if seen, then this word is quite similar to the word 'before' but some differences can be seen. We can consider it as an event that happens in the life of every person over time and can also be seen happening around us.

- Time elapsed, here we are going to talk about the time which has gone out of everyone's time and it is never going to come back, for example a work should be started at 8 o'clock and finished at 10 o'clock and if Now it is 12 o'clock in the clock, then in this situation the time of 8 to 10 o'clock will be called elapsed time. If seen, it can be understood by looking at it due to many aspects and actions with each person.

Know the effect of each word -

First, if we look at each of the things, one of the things will happen first or some one or the other will have to happen back and forth. Now if we look at its effect, it will tell the first positive and second negative in two situations, whose effect will also be seen in the personal life of the society, country and people.

- East, as we have mentioned above, from which you must have got to know a lot about it. Some such incidents have also happened or were done by the ancestors in the past, whose effect is still visible, these effects are positive or negative, so that the results are still visible in both the directions, with its effect on the progress of the country. Apart from this, they contribute in breaking the families together.

- In the past, the effects of each of the words mentioned above are seen to a great extent equally. It is seen that this effect can be seen in good or vice versa.

Know everyone's use -

First, one after the other is used to denote this word.
- East, can be used as a direction.
- The elapsed time, once the time left, can be known through this word.

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